Restoring hope to women working in the sex industry

Tamar works in Westminster to reach and support workers in the sex industry with a focus on trafficked women.

What we do

Matched Giving Opportunity 2024

Between now and 31st December 2024, we have an amazing opportunity to potentially double the impact of a monthly or one-off donation. Your financial support help us continue our vital work and offer long-term support to all who need it.

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Who are we?

Tamar is a team of volunteer women, who aim to restore hope to people exploited in the sex industry. Formed in 2013 and based in Westminster, London.

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The Sex Industry

“What would I have done if I hadn’t met you?“

Connecting with the Tamar team leads to transformation.

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Support Us

You can help to increase the impact of Tamar’s ministry by donating, fundraising, or praying regularly for our work.

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Join our support team

There is so much more we could do through the donations, prayer and volunteering of others.

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