What We Do

Tamar offers hope through physical, practical, emotional and spiritual support. Below are examples of some of the services we provide.

Physical and Practical Support

Medical appointments

English lessons (one-to-one)

Assistance with paperwork (e.g. NI applications)

Provide the link to a network of local commissioned services (from health to recovery and support services)

Help where possible with alternative work/resettlement

Emotional and Spiritual Support

Regular workplace visits

One-to-one individual support

Home baked cakes

Prayer for individual needs

Kevin Hyland, UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

"Tamar provides essential support and advocacy by reaching out to many who are suffering through sexual exploitation and modern slavery in the Borough of Westminster, where the illicit trading of women as a commodity for the use and pleasure of others is all too often ignored. 

I was able to use my first-hand experience of working with victims of modern slavery and my understanding of the situations they face to guide Tamar in the early days as they found their feet. I have since seen the team grow into an effective body, providing much needed outreach in Westminster. The work of Tamar to address trafficking for sexual exploitation is absolutely essential in London today.  Many victims do not realise they are being exploited and suffer in silence, so pro-actively reaching out, as Tamar do, is vital.

In my role as the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, and with the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, there is now a clear focus and mandate regarding the need to improve the response to the scourge of modern slavery.  I believe it is important for us all to get involved and to make a difference.I fully support the work of Tamar and would urge others to take a similar stance."

Support when they need it

We want to see more individuals able to connect and access services available to them

How you can help